ISA California Polytechnic State University Student Section
2007 Student Night
Bronco Student Center
Ursa Major Room
May 22, 2007

ISA Cal Poly Student Section would like to publicly thank the following individuals and companies for their generous support of the Cal Poly Student Section by sponsoring the event: Caltrol, Newport Electronics, AES Automation, Kim Miller Dunn, C.A.P., Dr. Salomon Oldak, Dr. Steve Wells, ISA Los Angeles Section. Page last updated May 25, 2007.

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Valdemar Chavez talks with representatives from ITT Industries, Systems Division , which operates NASA's Deep Space Communications Complex for the CalTech Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Ft. Irwin near Barstow.

Employers and others talk with the students about their projects.

Saif Rawas, Cal Poly Section President 2006-2007, talks with representatives from ITT Industries Systems Division. ITT operates the Deep Space Communications Network (DCN) with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of California Institute of Technology for NASA. Three 34m (110 ft.) diameter Beam Waveguide antennas are located at the Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex , situated in the Mojave Desert in California. The DSN provides radio communications for all of NASA's interplanetary spacecraft and is also utilized for radio astronomy and radar observations of the solar system and the universe.

Elhami T. Ibrahim talks with Sepehr Azari, right, and team members about their automatic guitar tuner.

Verney Yeh (left), David Chen and Sandy Kwan.

Liz Reynolds, Jia-Jian Chen and Chris Domasig with iDoor Touchless Entry

Project team with voice-controlled wheelchair with GPS navigation.

Sandy Kwan (left) and Adianto Danusasmita (right) talk with representative from ITT.

Jia-Jian Chen, Liz Reynolds, Chris Domasig and Nick Angelo with iDoor Touchless Entry

Saif Rawas, President 2006-2007
ISA Cal Poly Student Section

Ashot Filipetyan, President 2007-2008
ISA Cal Poly Student Section

Saif addresses the meeting

Over 60 students, faculty, employers and industry professionals attended.

Attendees from Cal State Long Beach (center table) and ISA Los Angeles Section (right).

Mohammad Massoudi, Cal Poly Pomona Electrical and Computer Engineering professor (left), Salomon Oldak, Cal Poly Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept Chair and ISA Cal Poly Section Advisor; Terek Elsahawry, President of first Cal Poly Student Section, 1992-93; Frank Smith, founder of the Cal Poly Student Section and Advisor beginning in 1992; Elhami Ibrahim, Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor and long-time ISA Cal Poly Student Section supporter.

Dr. Ray Wang, ISA Cal State Long Beach Student Section Advisor (left) and Dr. Salomon Oldak, Cal Poly Advisor.

Chin Chang (left) and Ray Wang, ISA Cal State Long Beach Student Section Advisors.

Frank Smith, retired Cal Poly professor, talks with guests. Frank received the 2006 Jake Groenewegen Award for Distinguished Service from the ISA Los Angeles Section.

ISA President Kim Miller Dunn of Emerson Process Management talks with guests.

Terek Elsahawry, of Globaltech , President of the first Cal Poly Student Section, 1992-93 (center).

Everyone enjoyed the delicious buffet. Electrical and Computer Engineering professor Norman Nise of Cal Poly is in the foreground.

Saif Rawas holding his outstanding achievement award received from ISA Los Angeles Section . With Saif are Salomon Oldak (left); Joe Bingham, ISA District 11 Vice President and Cal Poly Liaison; and John Prince, ISA Los Angeles Section President 2006-7 (right).

Presentation of the Automatic Guitar Tuner project.

Presentation of the iDoor Touchless Home Entry project.

Presentation of the Voice Activated Wheelchair with GPS Navigation Project.

Ashot Filipetyan, President 2007-2008
ISA Cal Poly Student Section

Micaela Niemi, Secretary 2007-2008
ISA Cal Poly Student Section

Hung Lu, Treasurer 2007-2008
ISA Cal Poly Student Section

Bronco Student Center at Cal Poly Pomona.

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